5 Tips for The Latest Muslimah Fashion

Modest fashion is strengthening roots as more and more people are embracing this trend towards a more sophisticated and elegant style. As Muslims, we have to make our fashion choices within certain limits. It can hard at first to choose trends and styles, however, Muslimah fashion has evolved to include a variety of different fashion statements. Modest fashion has become a genre of its own. Here we introduce 5 tips about Muslimah fashion that will help you embrace your inner fashion guru modestly. 

Know the red zones

There are certain things that you need to take care of. I personally set 3 points to safe zone any dress that I pick. It shouldn’t be tight, it shouldn’t be see through and it shouldn’t have a low neck line. Once these 3 factors are put to side, you can enjoy the luxury of reveling in a number of different styles at your leisure. The best styles that go with these conditions are maxi dresses, skirts, palazzos and cardigans, which are all some of the latest styles in Muslimah fashion at the moment. 

Dress to the occasion

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is to dress according to the occasion. If it’s just a party, sweaters, trendy cardigans and casuals will do the trick. However, Eid, weddings and other large family get together need some thought put into your attire. Try some trendy A-limen skirts or opt for full length princess dresses. You can always accentuate your waist by a trendy bow or belt at the waist. Another thing that you can try is to go with a trousers and long shirt. The trend has evolved from Asia and adds a really beautiful style to your party Muslimah fashion. 

Accessories are critical

You can always turn the whole outfit around with some of the write accessories. Simply choosing the right outfits is not enough. Purses, brooches, chains and jewelry can add the missing flavor to your outfit. Be adventurous, mix and match your accessories to create contrasts that stand out. Try different styles and opt for a variety of accessories. This is one branch of fashion that you can exploit. Use it to complement your Muslimah fashion and stand out from the crowd. 

Define yourself

With all these different styles you need to make sure that you still know who you are and what your style is. Muslimah fashion can be intriguing, but it’s only as unique as you are. Always retain that primary style that defines you. This will help you create a unique personality and fashion statement that is different from all others. You can follow such styles at LanaFira that has a number of unique styles that define different trends and Muslimah fashion.

All in all, Muslimah fashion is all about being creative. You can create so many different ways of wearing the same outfit in a lot of ways to stand out. The key is to first segregate outfits that work for you and then mix and match to make a stunner. All of these fashion statements can work for a variety of occasions. Dress up a bit and astonish your friends and family on the very next get together!

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